The Desperate Need to Teach Personal Responsibility

Please take the time to read this article. It is written from a secular perspective, but it begs the need for Christian parents to think carefully about the Gospel and how it relates to childrearing. 

Your theology makes a difference.  Your worldview makes a difference. How you view the doctrine of sin, of man, and of God's provision for us in Christ matters. These truths matter in the realm of parenting as much as they matter anywhere else.  

If you think that your child is basically good and that his/her problem is due primarily to his/her circumstances or environment, then you will parent them with your hope firmly planted in your efforts to provide them with a better environment, a better school, a better church with a better kids' program, etc.  You will "protect" them from every harmful thing and do little if nothing to teach them that their greatest enemy is and always will be their own sinful nature, their flesh. And you will fail to teach them that their only hope is and always will be in Christ.

If you fear that one day your children will blame you for their lack of success or if you fear you will one day blame yourself, you will parent now with fear. You will try to protect them from anything and everything on the outside but never teach them the need for self-control and point them to the only One who can work that in them for God's glory.  You will be a "helicopter" parent and in doing so you will raise kids who feel like they need and even deserve a free, thrilling helicopter ride to wherever they want their life to take them.  You will raise entitled kids. And you will wonder what went wrong.

May God give us parents (and grandparents!) who see that their children will give an account for every idle thought, word, and deed to God the judge, and may these same parents continually, persistently, intentionally point their children to the Savior who can make that day a real pleasure.