Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

The Desperate Need for Perseverance

Colossians 1:21-23


1.    What is persevering faith?

·      Faith that is well-placed.

o   How easy is it to trust my works, or my prayer of profession in faith, or my “good desires” or anything other than Christ?

o   How can you tell whether or not somebody truly trusted Christ in the past?

·      Faith that is well-defined (Notice how many times “he” or “him” is mentioned in this passage. It is defining a particular person.)

o   What does this mean?  Discuss the propositional statements that define who Jesus is in this passage?

o   What are the minimal doctrinal requirements for faith in Jesus Christ? 

o   Why is it important to be clear and concise when sharing the Gospel?

o   Do you think that it is important to include an ongoing evangelistic Bible study with people with whom you share the Gospel?


2.    Why can I persevere in the faith?

·      What has Christ saved you from? – v.21

o   Paul is very careful throughout his writings to insist that change takes place when a person is born again?  Can you think of any other passages of Scripture that emphasize this point in Paul’s writings? In other New Testament books?

o   How has your life changed as a result of the saving grace of God in Christ?

·      What has Christ saved you with? – v.22

o   Every good thing flows to us from the cross. Jesus purchased everything we need through his death and then gives it to us because he is gracious.  How do you reconcile this amazing truth with the fact that you must also work at growing spiritually in order to grow spiritually?

o   How important is it that we spend most of our time praising God for Jesus’s work on the cross?  Why do you think that many Christians would rather talk and/or sing about their feelings about Jesus rather than what Christ did/does?

·      What has Christ saved you to? – v.22

o   What is salvation?  Is it justification alone? Justification plus glorification? What about sanctification?  What saying did we discuss in the sermon to help us understand this?

o   Is it possible to receive the full gift of salvation without also persevering in the faith? 

o   What do you think about the phrase “If you’re not on the hard road, you haven’t entered in at the narrow gate”?

o   Why is it so important to preach both the eternal security and the perseverance of the saints?

§  What would be the effect of preaching only eternal security?

§  What would be the effect of preaching only perseverance?

·      This passage doesn’t discuss it, but what is the ultimate reason why God’s people persevere?  How does 1 Peter 1:3-5 help answer that question?