A Prayer to Refocus (based on Psalm 123)

Dear Father, sometimes the pressures of life seem overwhelming. Sometimes the sorrows seem unbearable. Sometimes the losses seem overly devastating.  Sometimes it even seems like I’m scorned by people who seem to have it all going for them at the moment.  They might either ignore me or intentionally shun me.  Thank you for not ignoring me.  I need mercy.  Thank you that Jesus died and rose again so that I might keep on getting mercy from you.  Please help me to keep my eyes on you.  Help me to be occupied with you. You sit on the throne of the universe.  All things are yours to do with as you please.  I need mercy, and you have mercy to spare. In fact, you are an unending supply of mercy.  With a simple wave of your hand, you could grant mercy.  And with a simple wave of the hand, you one day will. You’ve promised. So in the meantime, help me to keep my focus on Christ, the One through Whom all your mercy flows to me.  Thank you for the mercy you’ve already given me to make me your child.  I will patiently await the necessary mercy I need to continue living in the fullness of what it is to be yours. And with confidence I can ask this because of Jesus, the Merciful One Himself. Amen.