Sunday's Benediction


grant us to meet with tranquillity of soul all that may befall us this day.

Grant that we may obey your holy will every hour of this day;

guide us and maintain us in all things;

reveal to us your will for us and those around us.

Whatever news we may receive this day,

grant that we may accept it with a tranquil soul

and in the firm conviction of your holy will in all things.

In all our words and deeds, guide our thoughts and emotions;

in all unforeseen circumstances let us not forget

that all these things are permitted by you.

Teach us, O Lord, to deal openly and wisely with all,

in the community, in our own families,

causing grief or embarrassment to no one,

but comforting, aiding, and counseling all.

Lord, grant us the strength to bear the weariness of the coming day,

and all the events that occur in the course of the day.

Guide our will and teach us, O Lord,

to pray to you, to believe, hope, endure patiently, forgive, and love. Amen.


Reprinted by permission from The Worship Sourcebook, © 2004, CRC Publications CCLI# 2805616