A Prayer for a Righteous Nation

**Based on Psalm 72


Heavenly Father, our hearts ache when we hear about another shooting.  Blind rage unleashed for whatever reason.  Regardless of the motivation, we’re bewildered why anybody would assume it upon himself or herself to implement a personal sense of justice through vigilante violence.  We’re simply dumbfounded.  We pray for grace and mercy. Please make us a righteous people. Please give us your justice.  As we stare another election year in the face, please give us righteous leadership, regardless of all else.  We know that righteousness alone produces the just society we desperately desire. This is true, Lord, whether the issue is race-relations, religious liberty, or economic abundance.  We want prosperity to flow down from the mountains like a flood of blessing.  We need to be refreshed. We long for our nation to be as the fresh smell of cut grass, for the enchantment of a gentle drizzle at the end of a hot summer afternoon.  We want true freedom, O God, freedom to do what we want so that your people would be righteous and do what we ought.  These are hard requests, but we trust you, O God.  We know that you alone do wondrous things.  Do this wondrous thing and grant us righteousness that we might live in the safety of justice.  And we thank you for the never-ending gift of righteousness in the person of your one and only just son, Jesus Christ, in whose name we ask these things. Amen.