Inconvenient and Costly

I haven’t watched any of the videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s slaughterhouse practices. I don’t need to, and I don’t want to. I already know what abortion does to a baby, and I don’t need any more convincing that I should oppose all such aggression toward the least of these among us.  I am deeply thankful that somebody went to great lengths to expose what is really happening to unborn babies, and I am glad that many people are watching the videos. Maybe this will help turn the cultural tide back toward a commitment to the sanctity of human life.


My prayer is that many people will awaken to the fact that life is precious. My prayer is that many people will begin to understand that if a culture devalues the beginning of life, that culture will soon begin to devalue the end of life.


When a person grows old having given little value to human life in its initial stages, that person will naturally fear whether or not similar values will be placed on him or her as his or her life grows less productive and more expensive.  That person will not only fear death, that person will fear being forced to die.   That person knows what it is to devalue life and will fear that’s how many value him.  That person knows very well that if vulnerable, helpless babies will be terminated by somebody with more power, then vulnerable and helpless elderly people just might face the same end.  Many elderly people are feeling the push from some in the medical profession to choose euthanasia.  It’s much more inconvenient and costly for people to keep you alive when you’re not even really contributing anymore after all.  The elderly know this, and they feel this.  And it haunts them. 


Inconvenient and costly.  Two reasons why people abort babies and two reasons why some are actively working to make euthanasia culturally and legally acceptable.  It is very, very difficult to argue against euthanasia when one argues for abortion.