Christ in you – the hope of glory!

·      What is the difference between hope as commonly understood and the biblical understanding of hope?

·      What are some things you hope will happen but aren’t sure they will? What are some things that the Scriptures say we can “hope” in?  Can you provide Scriptural support?

·      What are some things that you hope will never happen to you?  What difference does “the hope of glory” make in potential situations like that?


Confidence in the sovereignty of God“Paul, an apostle… by the will of God”

·      How does confidence in the sovereignty of God help you deal with the difficulties of life?

·      How do you reconcile the sovereignty of God with human responsibility? 

·      How do you maintain a firm commitment to the sovereignty of God over all things, as the Scriptures teach, without developing a fatalistic view of life?


Confidence in Jesus’ ability to save and change you“Grace to you and peace”

·      What difference does it make to you, if you are struggling with peace and the assurance of your salvation, when you ask yourself, “Do I think I’m better at sinning than Jesus is at saving?”

·      If you are a believer, God has been unspeakably gracious to you to declare you forever righteous in God’s eyes.  What difference does this make in your desire to change more and more into the image of Christ?

·      Is there a particular sin that has haunted you for a long time and has left you without any confidence that you could ever find victory in this life?  Do you think it would provide any hope if you were to seek the help from your small group and ask them to pray for you.