Come Apart

Thank you for your prayers for Jami. She had it safely home from Morocco last night. It was great to see her again and hear her stories of meeting with governors, donkey races, making new friends, etc. 


I wish we could have had more time to chat with her, but Noel and I left early this morning for a couple weeks’ break. We will spend a few days here in Los Angeles, hit Disneyland, maybe Universal Studios, and then we’ll go on a 7-day cruise down to the Mexican Riviera.  We’re looking forward to the break and hope to both relax and rejuvenate.  It’s been a wild ride that past few months.


After a very busy season of ministry, Jesus told the disciples in Mark 6:31 – “Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.”  I think the Old King James says something like “come apart for a while.”  I remember hearing sermons as kid that used this passage to justify the need for physical rest.  “Come apart or you’ll come apart.” 


One of the things I love to observe when I read the Old Testament is how much celebration and relaxation the people of God did as a culture.  There were lots of feasts, holidays, and opportunities to fellowship, all of it centered on the goodness of God and his good provision for his people.


Thank you for being a fantastic church family and for affording us this opportunity.  We are glad to get away but are also looking forward to getting back to doing what we love to do, putting our shoulders into the work of seeing all of us glorify God by becoming more like Christ.