Denny DeVries Day

One year ago tonight, our church family honored my Dad for 40+ years of faithful service as a Deacon in a number of local churches. It was a special night for him as well because we saw Lily profess her faith in Christ the Lord as Savior through the waters of believer’s baptism.   He was always so concerned that his grandchildren walk with the Lord, and he knew Michael really liked Lily. 


It was a proud night for our whole family.  I wasn’t able to be in the service when Steve Johnson presented the plaque to him and officially established January 25, 2015 as “Denny DeVries Day,” but I remember reading if afterward and being so very thankful that our church family took the time to honor him as they did.  “The glory of children are their fathers”; that’s how Solomon once said it.


Of all the things I appreciated about my Dad, I think what I appreciated most was his loyalty and faithfulness to the people of God.  He loved serving God’s people. He loved visiting people who visited our church. He loved setting up the Lord’s Supper. He loved having people into his home. He loved missionaries. This pic is of his last mission trip to Vanuatu to visit the Gibbs.  Rain or shine, he was faithful to do what God had called him to do.  He “used the office of a deacon well”; that’s how Paul once said it.


Forty-six days ago, he went to be with the Lord.  Of all the things I regret about his sudden passing, I think the fact that we never got to celebrate with him even one anniversary of his “retirement” from church office ranks near the top.  So, in honor of this special day, I would like to say “Happy Denny DeVries Day” to our church family.  No one will ever be able to fill his shoes, but we need many more like him to take his place.