Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart


1.    Prayer is sometimes discouraging because injustice goes unchecked.

·      Does the existence of evil in this world ever discourage you from praying?  What should we do instead of being discouraged? What example can we learn from the widow in this passage? 

·      How important is it for a culture for righteous people to occupy positions of authority/responsibility who adhere to objective standards or right and wrong?  What happens when the law is ignored and an “unrighteous judge” is in a position of civil leadership?

·      How can we encourage each other to pray more while our culture decays more and more (see Luke 17:37)?


2.    Prayer is sometimes discouraging because answers to prayer are delayed for a long time.

·      Do you think that most of your prayers are answered quickly or after a long time?

·      When God “delays long” (v.7) to answer your prayers, what effect does that have on your prayer life?

·      Do you think it would be helpful to keep track of answered prayers?  Do you think that it would encourage you to review a long list of answered prayers in times when other prayers remain unanswered?

·      What practical steps can you take to keep a log of answered prayer?


3.    Prayer is sometimes discouraging because we struggle to believe God.

·      Do you think that churches are praying more now than they were 10-20 years ago or less?  What does that say about the corporate faith of our churches?

·      Do you really believe that one day, “when the Son of Man comes,” that God is going to right all wrongs very quickly?  What difference does that confidence make in your prayer life?

·      How would it help you to focus on your status as an “elect” child of God (v.7) when your prayers are not being answered as quickly as you’d like for them to be answered?