Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

God’s Love and Stinky Priests

Malachi 1:6-2:9


1.     Why are God’s people often content to dishonor him?

a.     A prophet is calling the priests to a public accountability for their ministries?  Can you describe the difference between a priest and a prophet?

b.     In what way were the priests despising God’s name? Why did God take this so seriously?

c.      How do you refute the modern tendency that emphasizes the fact that God doesn’t care about how you come to him or that you can come to him on your own terms?

d.     At what point should a church consider closing its doors?

e.     Honestly, what was your reaction to reading Malachi 2:3?

2.     What did you learn about God from his offer to withhold punishment to people who are content to dishonor him?

a.     The heart of the matter is always a matter of the heart.  Does that mean you shouldn’t ever have “lists” of what you “should” or “should not” do?

b.     What is a believer’s relationship to “lists” in the process of sanctification? 

                                      i.     How are they not worth trusting but at the same time also essential for spiritual growth?

                                     ii.     What are the qualities listed in this passage that describe what a faithful priest should look and act like?

                                   iii.     What makes the difference between a good list and a bad list?

3.     In what sense is this passage applicable to those in spiritual leadership?

4.     In what sense is this passage applicable to everybody in the New Covenant because we are all priests before God