The Lord of the Book

I find my Lord in the Bible wherever I chance to look.

            He is the theme of the Scriptures, the center and heart of the book.

He is the Rose of Sharon; He is the lily fair.

            Whenever I open my Bible, the Lord of the book is there.


He, at the book’s beginning, gave to the earth its form.

            He is the ark of shelter in times of heavy storm.

The burning bush of the desert, the budding of Aaron’s rod,

            Wherever I look in the Bible, I see the Son of God.


The ram upon Moriah, the ladder from earth to sky,

            The scarlet cord in the window, and the serpent lifted high,

The smitten rock in the desert, the Shepherd with staff and crook,

            The face of Christ I see on every page I look.


He is the seed of woman, the Savior virgin born.

            He is the Son of David, rejected full with scorn.

His clothes of grace and beauty the stately Aaron deck,

            Yes he is priest forever after one Melchizedek.


Lord of eternal glory, whom John the apostle saw;

            Light of the golden city, lamb without spot or flaw,

Bridegroom coming at midnight, for whom the virgins look.

            Whenever I open my Bible, I find my Lord in the book.