Free or Full Price

Here’s a thought I’ve recently had. It’s come as a result of my own personal study and reading so it’s not original with me. Nothing ever is, actually. But I do think it’s worth considering.


Everything a believer has is free.  100% free. It’s been bought for us, paid for by the shed blood of Christ, and given as a gift.  There’s nothing that we have that’s not ours because of God’s grace.  We are stewards of all, owners of none.


On the other hand, unbelievers will have to pay the full price for everything they have.  And everything in God’s store is of infinite value. It will have to be purchased with the payment of an eternal soul that has been banished to the salt mines of the netherworld to work for all eternity, so to speak.  


Even the things that God’s common grace gives to all of us, things like sunshine and rain, for example, the unbeliever will eventually have to pay for because they refused to be thankful and refused to glorify God for his goodness.  An unbeliever treats God’s good gifts with arrogance and spite, with ingratitude and lust.  He multiplies his sin exponentially the more of God’s goodness he enjoys.


And he’ll be expected to pay it all back. Full price. Forever.


God’s grace in the believer’s life truly is amazing!