Book Review - The Heresy of Orthodoxy

Any thinking Christian has likely silently pondered the following thoughts:


·      How can trust the Bible since it’s changed so much over time?

·      Doesn’t the Bible have a ton of mistakes in it? How can it be the Word of God?

·      How did the early church decide the 27 New Testament books were from God and others weren’t?


Many of us have heard attacks along similar lines:


·      The Bible is just a human book. It’s got so many mistakes!

·      How can you believe the Bible when we know that the church changed it over the years?

·      There’s no one religion that’s right!


Recently, a gentleman named Bart Ehrman has popularized these attacks through his books and his conferences.  His premise: “Originally, there wasn’t a unified, orthodox theology.  Over time, the early church utilized its political power to squelch all dissenting voices and selectively chose books to be in the Bible that suited their political purposes.”  It can all sound very convincing, especially to the postmodern mind that’s’ scouring the past to rewrite church history as the story of the power-grubbing white, Protestant male who “has always used the Bible to oppress” women, minorities, etc.  


True! There’s been oppression. But that’s not God’s fault, nor the Scriptures.  Thank God for Andreas Kostenberger and Michael Kruger who have written this book as an aid to the church of Jesus Christ, both showing why believers can have confidence that the Scriptures are indeed the Word of God and why modern attempts to disprove it truthfulness are neither fair nor accurate.


From the selection of the NT books, to the transmission of the text of the NT, the authors show the presuppositional fallacies that underlie much modern unbelief.  It is difficult and weighty stuff, but this book was written with the layman in mind.  I would highly recommend it to anybody who is struggling with the authority and authenticity of the Scriptures. It did my heart good to read it!