The Dude's Guide to Manhood: Chapter 2- Teachable


I am going to begin adding a blog post to our NRBC website for those in our New Commandment Men's Ministry (and whoever else would like to join us in reading) every couple of weeks or so as a reminder of where we are supposed to be in the book for the month. As Samuel has mentioned on a couple of occasions, the primary purpose of our New Commandment Men's Ministry at NRBC is to minister to you, our MEN! One of the primary ways that we are seeking to do this is by serving some of the widows and others in need in our church and community. 


One of the BIG things that we want to focus on in the NCMM is BIBLICAL MANHOOD. The book that we are working through, The Dude's Guide to Manhood, is a tool to help encourage us to this end. If we are cramming in two chapters the night before... or morning of our NCMM meetings, I know the book will not be a very effective tool for us as we seek to be the men that the Bible calls us to be. I simply want to send you a reminder every once and awhile to encourage you to be in this book and even MORE importantly in THE BOOK! 


I believe at the first meeting (which I missed) that it was decided that we would discuss 2 chapters each month. That leaves us with chapters 2-3 for our meeting coming up next Saturday, April 2nd.


Chapter two is titled "Pay attention and learn something: Become a coachable man". If you are like me, I have room to grow in the area of being coachable! If you have not started this month's reading I would encourage you to read through this chapter in the next few days and then begin working through chapter 3. Maybe you are thinking, "I don't think I can get through two chapters between now and next Saturday!" Here is an idea to help you with this minor problem: Leave the razor in the drawer and spend that 3-4 minutes reading instead. By the time we meet next week you will have the beginnings of a nice beard and will have finished your reading. Problem solved.


Samuel and I will also be praying that each of you is carving out a SIGNIFICANT amount of QUALITY time in the Word and in prayer and that you are also spending time selflessly loving and discipling your families! I hope this book has already been a challenge and encouragement to you as you seek to be biblical MEN!


Here is a quote from page 26 to get you thinking. "Learning is at the heart of being a man. Those who refuse to learn, who close off themselves from growth, cut themselves off from their own manhood. It is easy to remain ignorant. It is easy to fear change. Learning takes a lot of time and challenges our assumptions."


Shoulder to shoulder with you,