The Medium is the Message

"The medium is the message." So said Marshall McLuhan, professor of communications at the University of Toronto.  He said this last century, in the 1960s, and his concern was the encroaching presence of the television in western cultures.   His concern was to help people understand that there is content in the medium that one uses to communicate as much as there is content in the message that one wishes to communicate.  I wonder what he would say today?

This is an important issue for the local church, and where you fall on the debate will reveal some things about your theology.  Here is an article on the subject that helps clarify some of the fog that surrounds the contemporary debate.  While there remains room for significant differences in application, there really isn't much room for theological wiggling.  You either really believe in the power of the Gospel or you don't.  And your medium must not contradict what the Gospel clearly says.