The Dude's Guide to Manhood: Chapter 4-Loving Your Job


I’m sure that just the title of this chapter evoked a variety of responses from you depending on your current feelings toward your job. I’m sure some of you simply said, “Yes!” because you do love your jobs.  Others, “HA, this is going to be good” as you roll your eyes. And some of you may have had to suppress the feelings of anger, stress, or fear that boil up within you any time you think about your job.

I think this chapter had some good insights into what our mentality should be towards work and its rather large place in our lives.  Some of you are in the exact place that you want to be and others are trying to survive each week so you can make it to another weekend. Whether you are one of these or somewhere in between, I want to encourage you to evaluate the place of your job in your life. What place does your job have in relation to your personal walk with God, your family, church, and other areas? For me, even working for NRBC, there are times when I allow my job to take more of a preeminent place than God ever intended it to. There are times that I am more focused on it than being a loving husband and father. This chapter has been a good challenge for me to step back and re-evaluate the balance in my life. It is only when I have proper balance between my job and everything else that I am successful as a disciple-making disciple, as God has intended me to be in all areas of my life.

I also want to encourage you to look at each person at your job (those in authority over you, co-workers, and those beneath you) as people who need encouragement towards Christ! In every interaction with them I encourage you to ask yourself, “How can I help this person be more like Christ NOW?” They may hate God or be a believer. The question does not change!

I hope you are getting to know the guys on your team and that as your friendships grow you begin opening up to one another with your struggles and burdens so that you can help to lift a brother up when they are down!

Here is something from page 52 for you to think about:

“Whatever our occupations, the heart of manliness means cheerfully taking responsibility for our lives and for those around us. That can happen in any job, even ones that don’t immediately fit our passions. And the more we take responsibility, the more we will become men who are respected and rewarded for our contributions to the world.”


Shoulder to shoulder with you,