Not Exhaustive, But Sufficient

The Bible does not contain an infinite amount of truth compared to the truth that it does contain. There is an infinite amount of truth about God that we don’t know. There is an infinite amount of truth about humanity, our history, our future, our present dilemma that we don’t know when compared with what we do know.  Even if we combined all the knowledge that people have ever had, that every person has ever had, it would be infinitely less than the knowledge that could be known.


It has pleased God, however, to tell us what we do know.  He has told us many, many general things in creation and history, wonderful and amazing things, both by sovereignly speaking everything into existence and then by providentially working all things together for his purposes.  Every atom and molecule that make up creation and every decision and action that make up history – these are God’s works, works that tell us things that are true about God and his grand plan to glorify himself and to bring good to his people.  Yet again, there is an infinite amount of truth that remains hidden. 


He has told us many things in very select and special ways. In various ways and various times in the past, spoke to his people by the prophetic word.  Then, when the time was full, he spoke in his ultimate Word to us, the living Son of God, the Word made flesh. And yet, there is an infinite amount of things that there is to know about Jesus that we just don’t know.  If everything were actually written down about what we do know, his closest earthly friend said that the entire world couldn’t contain the books that could be written.  How many universes would it take to hold the books that could be written beyond what he’s done and continues to do outside his earthly life?


What can we say about this?  Two things, at least. First, we should constantly possess a sense of awe and wonder at what we don’t know.  Eternity will not be enough time to learn everything there is to know.  As humans, even as glorified humans, we will never possess omniscience.  We will ever be learning and coming to the knowledge of the truth, but there will always be more to learn. 


Second, we should constantly exude a spirit of deep gratitude for what we do know.  While we know infinitely less than there is to know, we know enough to be everything that God has called us to be and to do everything that God has called us to do. His grace is sufficient for these things even if we are not. And clearly, we are not.  But his grace, that grace which keeps coming at us who are in Christ, is more than sufficient so that we might pursue with bold confidence and humble hearts all that pertains to life and godliness.


So while we will never know everything, we’ve been told enough. His word to us will never be exhaustive, but it will always be sufficient.