Thanks from the Kummers

Dear NRBC Family,


Below is an excerpt from a weekly email the Kummers send out.  It regards my recent trip to visit them. Since our church family has invested in them and in this trip that I took, I wanted to pass it along to you.


We were truly blessed this past week to have the pastor of one of our supporting churches come visit us.  In all reality, there is only so much that one can explain through letters and emails and phone calls and Skype.  We all know the reality that face-to-face conversations are truly a gift.  For our family, living at the end of the road here, not being on anybody's way anywhere, we truly value the sacrifice it is for visitors to come.  (Plus, it means a reprieve as parents, because your kids pull out all the stops and their best behavior for a few days.)  So, for everybody who was involved in making this visit possible, we are truly grateful.  And we can speak for our church plant too, that having him here was an encouragement that will be remembered for a long time as we each seek to take the next right step.  Now, please be aware that if said pastor returns home telling tales... I informed him that he could stop digging whenever he wanted to and he did not, in fact, have to finish digging the sandbox for us.