Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

1.     Kindness begins with being sensitive to those who are hurting. 

Look at Romans 11:25-36.

a.     How has God been kind to the Jewish people throughout history?

b.     How has God been kind to us as Gentiles?

c.      How will he be kind to the Jews in the future?

Look at Romans 12:1-2

d.     How does God’s kindness impact us?

e.     Why are you afraid to surrender to such a kind God?

f.      What are you afraid he might ask you to do?

2.     Kindness proceeds with being involved with those who are suffering.

Look at 2 Corinthians 1:3-6,

a.     How is God kind to us?

b.     In what ways does God expect us now to be kind to others who are hurting?

c.      At the start of the sermon, you were asked to think of somebody you know who is hurting.  Based on this passage, how can you be involved with kindness in that person’s life? Share what you have done or plan to do with your small group.

3.     Kindness culminates with sacrificing for others who are hurting.

a.     Jesus commanded his disciples to be kind like God in heaven is kind to evil and ungrateful people according to Luke 6:36ff.  How can a Christian be personally kind to their persecutors while also leaving room for human government to execute justice and protect the God-given rights of it’s citizens?

b.     Does kindness mean that you can never seek justice? If not, then how does a believer seek justice and show kindness at the same time?

c.      What do you have to see in order to be kind to a persecutor?  What does God see that compels him to be kind to his enemies?