Dude's Guide to Manhood- Love a Woman: Become a Devoted Man


We are on to chapter 6 in The Dude's Guide to Manhood.

I know that not everyone who may read this may be married. Some may be single and looking to get married or may be called to the single life for all of your days. This chapter is for you, no matter the marital position you find yourself in.

I’ll admit, with every chapter that I read in this book I am reminded at how much growth is needed in my life in each respective area. This chapter on loving and being fully devoted to my wife was not an exception. That is how sanctification is. We seek to grow in Christlikness and at the end of each day still realize that we are nothing without God’s grace and hopeless without His continual working in our lives.  Let’s keep seeking to take the next right step as we seek to be effective husbands, future husbands, and forever single dudes.

This chapter delves into physical, emotional and spiritual devotion among other things. Under the Physical devotion section the following quote challenged me from page 80. “Men who are married devote their eyes to their spouses, developing habits of noticing and attending their wives so that their love and affection grow.” It has become extremely difficult to have disciplined eyes completely devoted to our wives in the culture in which we live. Are our eyes trained? Are they focused on God and devoted to our wives? If single, are your eyes devoted to remaining holy too?

Before I married Maria, a friend that I worked with said to me something along the lines of “dude, you are crazy. How will you ever get good at sex and being a husband if you haven’t practiced with other women first?” Below is a quote from page 79 that I believe gives a great answer to this very question.  

“A good woman can never be fully explored. She is constantly learning, growing, and changing. In devoting ourselves to one woman, we commit ourselves to a lifetime of exploring a strange, foreign, and rich land.”

Shoulder to shoulder with you,