Dude's Guide to Manhood- Love Kids: Become a Family Man


I hope you have been able to or are planning to read through chapter 7 in The Dude's Guide to Manhood. 

I begin this with the same encouragement as the last. Even if you are not a dad, this chapter is still important for you. I also want to say that even though we won’t agree with everything that Darrin Patrick says in this book, there are some great challenges, insights and helpful things in this book if we are filtering them through the Word. Keep taking the next right step as a man! Samuel and I continue to pray for you as you minister each month. We also continue to pray for you as you seek to grow in Chrislikness.

This chapter talked about some of the different types of men that there are as fathers and leaders and also gave some very helpful ways for us to lead effectively and how we can be more effective as fathers in general.

As I worked through this chapter I was reminded of my childhood friend, Randy. Randy’s dad was constantly SCREAMING at his wife and kids. I witnessed this many times myself. Most of the time he was yelling for no good reason at all (as if there is ever a good reason to scream at your wife and kids). As a result of this constant barrage of outbursts from his dad, Randy was a timid and angry kid a lot of the time. I remember asking him why his dad yelled at him so much and will never forget what he told me. His dad had a father that did the EXACT same thing to him when he was a boy. Randy’s dad HATED his father because of this. Randy’s dad had told Randy that he never wanted to be like his dad, but nevertheless he was an exact replica of the thing that he despised. Randy’s anger toward his father was growing in the same way that his dad’s did for his father.

Though not like Randy’s dad, my dad exercised many characteristics as a father that really bothered me, even as a child. I remember telling myself many times when I was a kid, “I will never do that when I am a dad.” By God’s grace I have not done many of the things, but it is a daily battle to put my selfish sin nature off in my own life as I seek to be the best dad that I can be. Many times I have fallen and had to drag myself back up off of the ground, refocus on the Lord, and keep moving forward! I am my father’s son and I have inherited his sin nature and many of the things that came with that package. THIS is NOT an excuse to fall into the same pattern that he did.  

Some of you probably had dads like Randy’s. Some of you had amazing and godly men as dads. And like me, many of you probably had dads somewhere in the middle. No matter what background we came from, it is up to us as individual men and as fathers to serve and love our families as our Father in heaven has loved us. This may come easier for some of you than it does to me so I ask for you to pray for me as I seek to take the next right step as a father and I will pray for you.

I leave you with this quote from The Lead Encourager section on page 93.

“The family man stays in the trenches and encourages those around him. He fills them with the courage they need to face the obstacles in their way.”

Shoulder to shoulder with you,