Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

What I Should Be Putting On: Patience

Colossians 3:12


1.     Patience is difficult to acquire because there are so many elements of our lives working against it. 

a.     Why is it contrary to human nature?

b.     How much need for patience would we have if the fall had never occurred?

c.      In what ways does our culture teach us to be impatient?

d.     Modern technology has made life easier for us in many ways.  But it has also made life a lot less substantial.  What forms of social media encourage impatience? How can a Christian utilize some of the strengths of social media and not become more impatient at the same time?

2.     Patience is something you have to keep on learning over and over because there will always be a need for more patience.

a.     Why is patience so difficult to maintain? Do you ever feel like you work at being patient just so your hopes will actually come to pass, and then you won’t need to be patient anymore?

b.     Does it encourage you in the least bit that God is using each of us to encourage others to be more patient?  Does that make your trials seem a little more bearable? Maybe a little more understandable?

3.     What are your “hot buttons,” those things that trigger impatience in you more than anything else?

a.     What would be a good prayer of repentance to pray the next time you are impatient? Write it out.

b.     What passage(s) of Scripture do you intend to memorize to encourage you to maintain God’s perspective on patience/impatience? 

c.      How does the Gospel teach patience?  In what ways does “looking unto Jesus” teach us patience?

d.     Who around you is patient?  Ask them for some practical suggestions that they’ve incorporated into their lives to help them learn patience.