Dude's Guide to Manhood- Find the Right Arena: The Fighting Man


I hope you have been able to take some time to start through this chapter. If not I encourage you to take some time to work your way through it.

Though I do think the title of this chapter was a stretch to fit the content, there were some very good and helpful things about CHARACTER in this chapter. 

In the midst of the chapter, Patrick explains the four base motivations for why or how most men live their lives.

As I read through these I think my default is in two of these at times.

Here are the four “Motivations”

1. Comfort

2. Approval

3. Control

4. Power

I think I tend to fall into the “comfort” and “approval” categories if I am not focused on Christ.

How did this chapter go for you? Which of these 4 do you tend to be?

My challenge to us is to examine ourselves to find the root of our hearts. Once God has revealed the root to us I hope we will REPENT of any sin if necessary. REFOCUS on Christ and on living in the light of the gospel at every moment of our lives. After our focus is where it ought to be, I hope we will begin to REPLACE the way we used to do things with things like patience, love hope, joy, meekness, etc.

I hope you all have a great week!

Shoulder to shoulder with you,