Warning: No Tent Camping!

I'm still saddened by the recent story of the little boy who was killed by an alligator at that lake down in Orlando a few weeks ago.  What a nightmare for parents to endure. It reminded me about this story I read a couple of years ago.  Having slept several nights in the Australian Outback, it rattled me a bit.  It is what comes to mind when I pray through this verse in our psalm for the week: 

Psalm 52:5 (ESV)

5But God will break you down forever; he will snatch and tear you from your tent; he will uproot you from the land of the living. Selah


I would much rather write a quick post about more pleasant things, but the Scriptures are, as they say Down Unda, “chock-a-block full” of these kinds of warnings. They are guarantees that if you don’t get on the right side of God, you’re going to wish it were only a hungry croc tearing at your lower extremities.


I do not intend to ruin your dinner with images of mangled limbs and violent reptiles, but I don’t mind ruining your dinner with fair warnings about a God who only puts up with so much.  I have prayed for our church family this week. There may very well be those whose profession of Christ stops infinitely short of possession of Christ.


Because of God’s great love and because of his rightful command, would you please repent of your rebellion against God and place your faith in his beloved Son?!  Would you plead with your children to do the same? Flee the tents of wickedness and run for safety to him who otherwise will be your worst nightmare.