The Blessings of Meditation

One of the most important disciplines of Christian living is meditation on God’s Word.  This is not like meditation as it is taught in Eastern religions where one is encouraged to meditate on nothing by emptying your mind of everything. No. Biblical mediation is purposefully filling your mind with God’s Word. 


It has its benefits. I wholeheartedly commend it to you and recommend that you do it. Regularly.  Fill your mind with God’s word and think on it. A lot.  Some benefits that the first psalm mentions are:


PermanenceHe is like a tree planted by streams of water.  Trees that are planted by rivers of water get big and they stay there for a long, long time. Even through the worst of storms.


Realismthat yields its fruit in its season.  Fruit comes at appropriate and opportune times.  Joy ebbs and flows. Love flames and flickers.  Peace rises and falls.  Nobody lives at the level of “10” spiritually even though we have everything we need in Christ.  We go through difficult times and dryness, an offseason so to speak, so that we can most appreciate the fruit when it’s in season.  That’s not to say that we shouldn’t always be putting these things on like Colossians tells us. It simply means that there will be times of spiritual highs and times of spiritual lows.  Meditation provides the necessary strength to come up out of the inevitable lows.


Consistencyand its leaf does not wither.   One of the most important elements of Christian growth is consistency, even in low times.  Keep on doing the right thing. You may not necessarily feel any benefit, but the evergreen trees provide a lot of protection and beauty during the stark winter months.  As I recently learned from my personal reading, you may not always bear fruit, but you can always have green leaves at least.


ProsperityIn all that he does, he prospers.   Even in the lowest times, you can and will grow spiritually if you will continue to meditate on the Scripture. It may seem fruitless and dry, but there’s growth to be had.  Even a hibernating bear grows older as it hibernates.  True prosperity is spiritual growth regardless of how bleak the winter and how cold your den is.


Day and night, keep your eyes of Christ and your nose in the book.  Renew your mind with God’s word.  Mark it. Memorize it. Meditate on it. Master it. 


May your leaves always be green and your fruit always be sweet in your pursuit of Christ through the blessings of meditating on God’s word.