Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

The Superiority of Christ’s Sacrifice

Hebrews 10:1-18


1.     In what way is Christ’s sacrifice on the cross unique or “once for all” as opposed to “the same sacrifices…every year” (v.1)?  Why is it necessary to consider Christ’s sacrifice as unrepeatable?

2.     In what was is Christ’s sacrifice on the cross efficacious or “able to save to the uttermost” (7:25)?

3.     In what way were the OT sacrifices a “shadow” (v.1) of Christ’s sacrifice?  In what way were they useful in themselves (see Lev.16:30)?

4.     Why is it so important that Christ offered himself willingly? What good would Christ’s sacrifice have been if he had not done it willingly, like the bulls and goats of the OT (see v.10)?

5.     Why does verse 17 emphasize that Christ’s sacrifice provided a way for God to “remember sins no more”? What effect would the repetitious nature of the OT sacrifices have had on OT believers?

6.     What are some of the practical applications for the believer that the author mentions beginning in Hebrews 10:19? List several over the last half of this chapter.