Taught Tongues

Isaiah 50:4 (ESV)

4The Lord God has given me the tongue of those who are taught, that I may know how to sustain with a word him who is weary.


You will say a lot of things today.  Chances are, if you’re female, you’ll say about 13,000 more words than the closest male according to one recent study. So I’m told.  And I understand that some people dispute that claim since it’s sexist... or something like that.  Regardless, whether or not you say 7,000 or 20,000 words today, you’ll be saying a lot of things.

So be careful what you say.  Let the word of God come to bear on everything that comes out of your mouth.  What you say can and will be used against you in the high court of heaven. Jesus will bring every idle word into account.

Be careful what you say.  There are a lot of hurting people out there. What you say has an effect on people.  Sure, we all need to be tougher.  We all need to be learn to have painful conversations, and we need to learn to be able to discuss difficult and controversial things in a civil way.   But that certainly doesn’t mean we should let our tongues immediately say whatever our minds concoct.

Isaiah was aware of this.  He was careful to acknowledge that God had taught him to say helpful words, encouraging words, good, solid, edifying words.  Words of life. God’s own words, in fact.  Let his words teach you. 

I was reading through Isaiah today for my personal devotions, and I was arrested by this passage.  God gives good words to his people to use in healthy and thoughtful ways. 

I’ve prayed and asked God to give me such words so that I can sustain the many weary souls with whom I come in contact. They are in my family, in my church, in my community. They’re everywhere, all around me.  Words are cheap even though they are exceedingly valuable.  They cost me little to nothing, and yet they can be precious enough to sustain a weary soul.


Dear Lord, because of Jesus, the living Word of God, the best word that God has ever spoken, please give us a heart for those who are hurting and the words to sustain them in their weariness.  Teach our tongues to speak life and encouragement.  Husbands. Wives. Parents. Children.  Please do this for the entire church family of NRBC for Jesus’ sake. Amen.