O Be Careful, Little Eyes

Especially as believers, we should have a staunch commitment to never harm anybody else.  We should never participate in something that even indirectly causes harm to another divine image bearer.


Pornography is harmful. It is destructive. It hurts people, marriages, churches, and entire cultures.  It perverts and distorts what God has made beautiful in its time.  It is corrosion in any society that normalizes its use. Soft-core and hard-core porn.  One just visibly acts out what the other leads you to imagine. It kills and destroys.  It is a cancer.


Pornography may seem to be a harmless activity. “I’m not hurting anybody by watching this!”  First of all, somebody was hurt in the filming of it. Consensual or not, soul damage was done to both cameraman and actors. Second, you are hurting yourself because you are further enslaving yourself to your own gratification, and you are further disabling your ability to truly love people in real life, people who live outside your pornographic fantasy world.  The person who watches porn will begin to see everybody through the lens of self-gratification.  “How can this person satisfy me?! Now?!”


Please don’t fool yourself.  Asked the wise man: “Can a man carry fire next to his chest and his clothes not be burned?” No, he can’t.  There is an inescapable cause and effect relationship here.  You can’t control the effect, but you can certainly control the cause.  Or, at least you know who can!


The only thing that can empower a person to overcome an addiction to pornography is to be overcome by the all-sufficient beauty of Christ.  And when a person is enthralled by the glory of Christ, he or she is compelled to worship and therefore serve both Christ and those who bear the same image.  You become a servant to others rather than a consumer of others.  You learn to love rather than lust.


Much more can be said about this, but enough has been said at this point. If you are fighting an addiction to pornography, please let the Elders know.  By the power of God’s Spirit, through the sufficiency of his Word, and through the gracious and respectful help of God’s people, you can find the freedom of release from this deadly shackle and the sweet embrace of true love for God and for others.