The Daily Grind

With a few flicks of my finger, I can find out just about anything I want to these days.  Either my iPhone, iPad, or Macbook Pro are in my hand at any given moment.  This is kinda cool, but without thinking, it also has a damming effect on me.  I lose patience.


If you are going to grow spiritually, patience is a necessary virtue.  David says, “I waited patiently for the Lord” (Psa.40:1).


Down in the Deep South, there’s a church on every corner.  Almost literally. It can make for very distracted driving.  Every church has a sign with sayings on it, and every church is competing with the next one to get you to turn in to their parking lot. As I recently heard one pastor say, “Thanks for coming.  You had to drive past 17 other churches to come to ours.”


Well, those church signs can sidetrack you, but they can also get you to think.  A few decades ago, I remember reading one that said, “The mill of God grinds exceedingly slow, but it grinds exceedingly fine.”  It has stayed with me.  It helps me when I’m tempted to be impatient. 


God is doing a good work, but he works on his own timetable.  He usually goes a lot slower than we’d like.  And he doesn’t respond like an app. Or a remote. Or a keyboard. We must wait.


So wait patiently, my friend.   As you do, you will learn much about his grace. And in good time, he’ll respond.