Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

The Sovereignty of an Unseen God

Introduction to the book of Esther


1.     Do you enjoy the sovereignty of God as one of God’s greatest attributes?  Does it bother you?

2.     The Jewish people were slow to learn and remember the sovereignty of God and yet their very existence as a people depended on it. That is true still to this day.  In what ways are you slow to learn/remember the sovereignty of God?

3.     Does the fact that the name of God doesn’t appear in the book of Esther bother you at all?  How does Luke 24:44 help alleviate those fears about the legitimacy of the book of Esther?

4.     God is sovereign, but he is also trustworthy because he loves his people and keeps his promises to them.

a.     How is this seen in the book of Esther?

b.     How have you seen this in the events of your life?

5.     What difference does that fact that God is completely sovereign make in your life?

a.     How does it encourage your faithfulness?

b.     How does it slay your pride?

c.      How does it bolster your confidence?

d.     How does it make your marriage stronger?

e.     How does it make your parenting more consistent?