Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

Culture, Gender, and Belly Dancing

Esther 1


1.     Discuss the irony of the meaning of Xerxes’ name and the theme of the book of Esther.

2.     What are the similarities between the “culture” of Esther’s day and the culture of our day? What are the differences?

3.     How can some cultures be morally and spiritually superior to other cultures?

a.     What can we do to make our church culture better than it is?

b.     What can you do to make your family culture better than it is?

c.      How can we(church leadership)/you(as parents) pursue a better culture in the various spheres of life and not fall into the disastrous trap of comparing ourselves to others in either a self-righteous or self-disparaging way?

4.     In what ways have Christians legitimately and illegitimately attempted to protect our cultural privileges over the years as Americans? Discuss this specifically as it relates to the roles of men and women in our culture.

5.     In what ways is God calling you to rebuke your culture by being a Christian outlier?

6.     What push back have you experienced or do you anticipate experiencing as a Christian outlier?

7.     How can we better encourage each other to be grounded in biblical authority in a godless age?

8.   How would you handle the situation if your daughter were forced to be a belly dancer or die?

a.     What are some examples that you can think of where believers need to encourage each other to be outliers and yet allow other believers to pursue holiness in the unique contexts of their own homes and individual lives?

b.     What key doctrines can help you love your brothers and sisters in this way?