A Prayer from Psalm 99

Dear Lord, you are great. I am not.  You reign over everybody, and that includes me.  You are the great God who sat enthroned on the cherubim that stretched their wings out over the ark of the covenant in the Old Testament tabernacle, the center of worship for your chosen people. But your greatness among your people only displayed your greatness over all the people on the earth.  You truly are holy, completely distinct from me in every way. For this I thank and praise you.  What good would it be to worship a God who is anything less?!  Please forgive me for thinking so lowly of you so often. But may I ever be grateful that you lowered yourself to my level, and even lower.  Thank you for becoming a man, a slave, for being treated like a common criminal on my behalf. Thank you for perfectly keeping every just and demanding requirement of the law in every thought you pondered, every word you uttered, and every action you performed, and then thank you for taking the punishment of someone like me who sometimes seems like I can’t ever do anything right.  Thank you for removing all of my failures, that pile of stench that reaches to the heavens.  And thank you for ignoring the smell and for guiding me step by step so that I might live a just and righteous life by the power of the indwelling Spirit.   It is my honor to exalt you and to worship you in spirit and in truth for the sake of Jesus, the Great King himself, Amen.