Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

Some Through the Fire

1 Peter 4:12-19


1.     How do you typically tend to respond to God when you are faced with a fiery trial?  Based on this passage, how do you think you should respond?

2.     Does it help you to know that every opportunity you face is both a trial to test you or a temptation to trip you?

3.     Can you think of any further biblical reasons as to why believers should not be surprised when they are persecuted for their faith?

4.     In what ways DO we and DON’T we share in Christ’s sufferings?  What reason does this passage give in particular for why we face trials as believers?

5.     How can you use this passage to disciple your children regarding the reality of death?

6.     Can you think of anybody in your life who has left a distinct impression on you by speaking well of God while enduring a difficult trial?  What about them really stood out to you?

7.     Verses 17-18 can seem unrelated to the discussion of trials so summarize the main point of verses 17-18.

8.     Why do we often have a more difficult time trusting God with temporary issues than we do trusting God with the safekeeping of our eternal safety?  What advice does this passage offer to help us learn how to trust God better?