Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

A Son is Given: No More Gloom and Doom

Isaiah 9:1-5


1.     Can you give an overview of the national and military situation that surrounds Isaiah 7-9?

2.     How does darkness overwhelm a person like it overwhelmed the tribes of Naphtali and Zebulon?  What role did “the way of the sea” play in their darkness?

3.     What does John 3:16-21 teach about darkness and how God’s people should deal with it?

4.     Read Isaiah 7:1-2. Do you believe that Ahaz’s fear is reasonable?  What are your greatest fears? Do you think they are reasonable or unreasonable?

5.     From Isaiah 7:3-14, what measures does God take to help squelch Ahaz’s fears?  Further, how does God graciously work and encourage you to be joyful instead of fearful in the face of horrific adversity?

6.     According to Isaiah 8:11-13 and 19-21, what role does the Scripture play in helping us face and deal with fear?  What practical Scriptural tactics do you personally employ in facing and dealing with fear?