"The Rebichron Initiative" - Planning your Bible reading for next year

My habit has been, for as long as I can remember, to read through the Scriptures every year.  Typically, I start in Genesis 1 on January 1 and end up at Revelation 22 by December 31st.  I just barrel on through.  I have always found it rewarding and encouraging.


Next year, for the calendar year 2018, I’d like to do it in a little different fashion.  I’d like to read through the Scriptures chronologically, and I’d like to invite as many as interested in the NRBC family to do it with me.


Wayne Dandridge has given me a chronological layout of the Scriptures that we’ll follow. It starts off in Genesis 1, of course, and moves through the Pentateuch, sprinkling in a few of Moses’s psalms on up until Samuel where we encounter the life and ministry of King David. Then things start to get dicey. Kings and Chronicles are punctuated with the prophets, both Major and Minor, because that’s where their respective ministries fit in the chronology of those historical books. 


The same is true for the New Testament. The Gospels are blended into a harmonized and chronological whole, and the books of Acts spreads out over a month as the history it covers includes many of the New Testament epistles.


So, who’s up for doing this with me?  It will take probably about 15 minutes per day.  Please let me know who would be interested.  Maybe somebody would be willing to assume the responsibility of posting once a week on the NRBC Blog and Facebook page the readings assigned for that coming week?   I could get a copy of the yearlong schedule to you as well.


Think about it. Pray about it. Let me know.  We’ll call it the “2018 Rebichron Initiative.”  That’s Re(read the)bi(Bible)chron(chronologically).


It’ll be great! Let me know!