Finish the Year Strong


It’s not how you start; it’s how you finish. This is true for board games, foot races, and life in general. It’s also true for 2017 in particular. You’ve got a few days left.


Here’s what you do.  Between now and the New Year, pray through Psalm 148.  Pray with your eyes open, and with pen and pad.  Prayerfully read through all those creatures, living and non-living, that the psalmist calls upon to praise the Lord.  And when it comes to you, spend a few moments and write down on paper all those things with which God has blessed you. Spend some extra time on verse 14.


If you are honest, you won’t have enough paper or time to be exhaustive. I’d stop after one page, but it will affect you. When you purposefully look for ways to praise the Lord, it changes your perspective, your posture, and your attitude. 


I’m not sure what your mental state is as 2017 comes to a close, but I can promise you that intentional praise can and will only help.  And let it provide momentum as you enter 2018.  Ending well is most important, but starting well isn’t such a bad thing either.


Praise the Lord!