Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

Sovereignty and Responsibility

Esther 4


1.     In what ways is a person's will free, and in what ways is he or she not free?

a.     Practically?

b.     Philosophically?

c.      Theologically?

2.     “God is free and man is free. But God is more free than man is free.”  What does that mean? How is God’s freedom different than man’s?

3.     From the story of Job, how did God use the lesson of his sovereignty to teach Job to respond properly to his problems?

4.     Just how does a believer begin to think properly when in overwhelming trouble? 

a.     In what ways might you personally be tempted to think during trying times?

b.     What does Esther 4:13-14 teach us about the need to think properly at such times?

5.     What are the benefits of prayer and fasting?

a.     How does fasting help us cry out more effectively to God?

b.     What Scripture passages do you tend to retreat to when in difficult times as you cry out to God in prayer?

6.     In what ways does faith demand that God’s people take risks? In what ways is faith a completely safe decision?

a.     Do you think it is possible to have true saving faith without being willing to risk something?  

b.     In what ways do you think God is calling you to take responsible risks right now in your daily walk of faith?