Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

1.     In what ways did Esther know more than Haman, even though Haman thought his plan for perfect?

2.     Has your pride ever set you up for a fall when somebody knew more than you did?

3.     Power comes in different forms.  There is the power of physical strength, of position, of persuasion, etc.  In what ways did other people immediately become more powerful than Haman even though he had risen to second in command to Xerxes?

a.     Esther

b.     Mordecai

c.      Harbona

4.     What is your initial reaction to the fact that Haman was most likely impaled on a stake?  Do you think it is the right reaction to have?

5.     What is your reaction to the fact that Esther tried to paint Haman as a danger to Xerxes’ crown (“foe and enemy”) when there’s nothing in the text to suggest that’s what Haman was trying to do?

6.     Who do you think best represents Jesus’ role in our redemption from the story of Esther?