The Psychosomatic Effects of Unconfessed Sin

As I pray through the 32nd Psalm this week, I’m blessed with encouragement, and I’m concerned about the warnings. 


I read and am deeply encouraged by how simple it is to be forgiven (v.5).  Acknowledge. Don’t cover. Confess. No hoops to jump through. No mountains to climb. No oceans to swim. Just simple, honest, humble admission of my sin and the Lord’s Lordship. Then God forgives. This is the essence of the believer's relationship with God.


But if it’s so simple, why would anybody wait so long?  What gains can be made by holding out?  What hope is there of dodging accountability to the God who sees and knows everything? You know it’s just a silly disguise.  He still sees you.


When I think of a good time, words like “wasted away, groaning, heaving, and dried up” (v.3-4) don’t readily come to mind.  Yet for some reason David felt like those experiences were worth it compared to the blessedness of honest confession and repentance.  No wonder, when looking back on it, he said, “I was dumb as a donkey to wait!” (v.9).  His silence (v.3) might as well have been the loud braying of one of the more stubborn species.


There is a time to pray and there’s a time not to pray.  And the time to pray is always now when God can be found (v.6)! I am convinced that the soul that waits to repent can potentially cause severe, permanent damage to the body that houses it.   If God’s heavy hand presses down on somebody and squeezes the very moisture out of them (v.3-4), that moisture can be replaced when he forgives, even replaced with a rush of great waters (v.6). But the physical ramifications to the body that can come from waiting can be permanent and life altering. Waiting simply isn’t worth it!


I prayed today for our church family that humble repentance would continuously characterize each of our lives and that we’d all experience the refreshing rush of God’s amazing grace. And especially for those who might be harboring deep, hidden, unconfessed sins, secret sins that are causing your body and soul to groan. I prayed that you would humbly turn to the Lord before any permanent physical damage might take place.


I prayed that you all would be blessed (v.1)!