Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

Humble or Humiliated?

Esther 6


1.     God’s people are responsible to humble themselves under the sovereign hand of God and make plans to glorify God and do good to others, just like Esther did.

a.     What role responsibilities do you have that demand planning?

b.     How would humble planning enable you to be more productive?

c.      What plans do you have for your own spiritual growth?

                                      i.     Bible reading

                                     ii.     Bible memory

                                   iii.     Prayer

                                   iv.     Victory over life-dominating sins

                                     v.     Fruit of the Spirit/Christlikeness

d.     How do the physical limitations of your body and your personality/temperament factor into your plans?

                                      i.     Why is it important to benefit from the advice of others while at the same time realize that you are very different than other people?

                                     ii.     What practical time management or life direction tools have you found helpful?

e.     Why is it so important to remain flexible while executing your plan?

                                      i.     How does Proverbs 16:9 help answer this question?

                                     ii.     Why is it important to keep your focus on “who you are” in Christ even while you are working on “what you do” for Christ?

2.     Thinking of Esther 6:1-5, can you share an example of a time in your life when seemingly random events were obviously part of God’s plan for something bigger over time?

3.     What confidence and calmness of heart does Esther 6:6-12 give you as you see how God is in control of even selfish plans that somebody might have to do damage to God’s people?

4.     Haman’s wife and friends offered some valuable advice to Haman in 6:13? 

a.     What was the advice based on, do you think?

b.     What confidence do the promises of God provide for you as you plan?  What has God promised to do in your life by his grace that allows you to keep on taking the next right step?

Esther 6:14 encourages us to make it a high priority to humble ourselves before God as we plan our lives.  How does James 4:13-17 describe the person who makes daily plans without humble submission