Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

Mob Mentality

Matthew 21:1-11


1.     In what ways have you observed in your own life and in the lives of others that humans tend to herd or form mobs?

2.     Have you ever encountered a frightening mob? Have you ever participated in one?

3.     In spite of the mob around him, how do we see the sovereignty of Christ in this passage with the animals? With the quote from Zechariah 9:9? 

4.     What facts in this passage teach the Jesus truly was omniscient?

a.      What illustrations have helped you understand the dual nature of Christ, the God-man?  

b.    How could Jesus both be omniscient and grow in knowledge at the same time?  How does this help undergird your understanding of his lordship over every aspect of our lives?

5.     The mob on Palm Sunday worshipped Jesus, the right man, but they worshipped him for the wrong reason? 

a.     What do you think their motivation was? 

b.     Can anything from the preceding story in Matthew 20 or the other Palm Sunday cross-references that help answer that question?

c.      Can you find anything in their declarations of praise that might indicate what their motivation was?

6.     It is important to remember that our biggest need and our biggest problem is due to our sinfulness.  The mob was not motivated by that truth.

a.     How easy is it to see anything and everything else as your biggest problem?

b.     How can you constantly remind yourself that your biggest problem is sin and that Jesus alone can solve your biggest problem?

7.     As believers, we are surrounded by a mob that the Bible calls the “world.”   It is nearly impossible to be 100% inoculated from the world because we have a flesh that feels very comfortable swimming in worldly waters.  Nevertheless, God has given us some very important resources to help us grow towards Christlikeness and to renew our minds. 

a.     What are those resources?

b.     How do you use those resources personally?