...and the stars.

Genesis 1:16 (ESV) – And God made the two great lights—the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night—and the stars.

If I was to place a piece of paper in front of you with hundreds and hundreds of little dots on it, and I asked you, “What is this?”  You might slowly respond… “Um… a piece of paper with hundreds of little dots?”  And you would be right as far as that goes.

But what if many of those dots represented several “dot-to-dot” figures? You know, like a lion, or a bull, or a scorpion?  If somebody connected the dots for me, I could see what they’re talking about.  But to just give me the page of little dots and expect me to see it? Well, I don’t think I would see much.

I have that same experience when I see the stars. I see lots and lots of little dots.  I’ve been looking at the night skies of Colorado long enough to know where the Big Dipper is, the Little Dipper, the Belt of Orion, and even Venus.  But after that, I’m at a loss to make anything substantial out of the billions of little dots up there. I'm not able to make a lion or a bull out of all those little dots.

Constellations, kind of like “dot-to-dot” figures, make sense when you see them with the connecting lines.  It’s obvious.  In my perspective, that is what the knowledge of God does to all of creation.  It connects things that would otherwise seem random and disconnected. 

God said, “Let there be light,” for example.  All of creation is ultimately traced back to God’s speech which are God’s thoughts amplified.  There is a divine reason that exists in creation that allows a believer to see those lines and connect the dots so that there’s a purpose, a beauty, a point to all that exists.

An unbeliever cannot see these connections.  They can explore the minute details of the random dots, but they can’t provide the connecting lines. They can’t see that the heavens really do declare the glory of God.  They see unmistakable power and even beauty. But they don’t see that God has made these things to remind his children how much he loves them.   The lines that connect everything to turn random dots into meaningful images are what God gives to believers in regeneration. It is the ability to see God’s glory, beauty, and love in a way that somebody who doesn’t have the Spirit of God isn’t able to.

So when you see the stars and say, “Almighty God, how wonderful art thou!” you are seeing those dots connected in ways that both humble and inspire you. You are seeing God’s handiwork in ways that people without the indwelling Spirit simply can’t.  Those billions of dots are reminding you that the stars are there because a loving God made them for his own glory and for your personal pleasure.