Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

As Secure As You Can

Matthew 27:57-66


1.    What clues do you see in v.57-61 that lead you to believe that the followers of Christ really thought that he was dead?

a.    What are some of the competing theories about Jesus’s death that attempt to deny he actually died?  What are the weaknesses of those respective theories?

b.    What indications are there that Joseph (and Nicodemus) thought highly of Jesus was other Gospel accounts?

2.    What clues do you see in v.62-64 that the religious leaders believed that Jesus had actually died?

a.    In what ways did the unbelieving religious leaders do a better job of listening to Jesus’s sermons while he was alive than the disciples did?

b.    What are some obvious weaknesses in the religious leaders’ claim that the disciples stole the body of Jesus from the tomb while the soldiers slept (see Matthew 28:11-15).

3.    How do Pilates actions reveal that he believed Jesus was really dead?

a.    What does Matthew 27:18 tell us that Pilate knew about the religious leaders’ motivation?

b.    Does this link help give you a perspective on the futility of denying the death of Christ:

4.    What difference does it make that Jesus actually died?  How does Romans 4:25 help answer that question?