All or Nothing

Psalm 16:2 (ESV) – I say to the Lord, “You are my Lord; I have no good apart from you.”


I’m not sure how our Psalm for prayer this week has struck you, but the end of verse 2 has been encouraging to me.


I can identify with it wholeheartedly.  There’s nothing good that I have in and of myself.  I know myself well enough to know that this is true. David states the obvious.  I get it.


But the prepositional phrase “apart from you” forces me to ask another question.  How much goodness do I have connected to God?  Apart from him? Nothing. Connected to him? Hmmm….


In the book of Romans, the Apostle Paul speaks frequently about how believers are connected to Christ.  He even makes up a bunch of new words never before used in the Greek language to describe our union with Christ.  He says we are “crucified with,” buried with,” “raised with,” and “seated with” Christ.  When Jesus did his cross work, we rode piggy back, as it were, and went through it with him even though he did it all for us. 


What this means is that everything that Jesus has is now mine.  Connected to Christ, there isn’t any goodness that I don’t have.  I have all of his goodness.


There’s really no middle ground here. Either a person has no goodness apart from the Lord, or they have all goodness by virtue of their union with him. 


As I type this, I’m cracking a slight smile just thinking about this.  It’s amazing! It’s not just that I have some goodness because I’m in Christ and because he’s in me.  Or enough goodness. Or a lot of goodness.  I have ALL goodness. There isn’t any goodness in existence anywhere that isn’t mine.


When God regenerated my dead heart and I came to know Christ through faith, I went from having no goodness to having all goodness.  Wow!