Ministry Opportunities

Quite often people will ask me if there's anything that they could do to serve at NRBC.  My answer to them is usually a vague shrug of the shoulders or a response of "Well, what are you particularly interested in doing?"  This is due to the fact that I don't really know all the needs that we have for ministry at NRBC and because I'm not really sure what that particular person's giftedness is.

One of the reasons why I'm not sure what all the areas of need are is because the functional aspects of family life here are primarily the Deacon's responsibility to oversee (based on Acts 6:1ff). Their ministry frees the eldership up for prayer and the ministry of the word, or to faithfully  shepherd the church family.  And their ministry is welcomed, appreciated, and done very well here at NRBC.

One of the things they have worked to put together for our church family is this "Ministry Opportunities Poster."  It details the many ministries we have and where our needs are for more help.  Please take a look at it and prayerfully consider if/how God would have you serve in ways that fit our needs as a body.

Thanks especially to Ryan Esch and Micah Guild for their work in putting it together. And to Marit Guild as well for making it look so snazzy!

Now, back to prayerfully studying Acts 20 for my next sermon!