But as for me...

Ever felt this way?  God is good for the most part.  He’s kind in general. He’s obviously done so many great things for his people as a whole.  I even know some people He’s been really good to.  But as for me…


No Christian wants to deny the goodness of God. Most are quick to acknowledge that God is good.  However, many times struggling believers honestly think that God’s goodness just doesn’t have much to do with them.  He’s a good God, but my life stinks.


The Psalmist felt the same way.


Psalm 73:1–2 (ESV)

1Truly God is good to Israel, to those who are pure in heart.

2But as for me…


When your life is challenging, when the way is dark, and when the slogging is tough – then, more than ever, you need to remember that you are joined to Christ. 


Jesus was a man of sorrows and well acquainted with grief.  Sorrow and grief.  All from a good God. For his own beloved Son.  Who had a perfectly pure heart.  And we’ve been eternally welded to him. We should probably expect some grief and sorrow since his life flows through us.


God is not good only to those who have a pure heart.  He is good to all of his children, no matter their struggles.  Sometimes the believer’s heart is purer than at other times.  Never is it perfectly pure.  Sin is still a rotten and filthy reality.  But God is good to his children because they are one with his Son, not because their hearts are pure enough to warrant his goodness.


If you’ve ever thought, “If only my heart were purer, God would be “good-er” to me.  Be careful! That’s basically the underlying assumption of the prosperity Gospel.  This false Gospel teaches that if you have just a little more faith then you can have it all.  Just a little more purity of heart, and you can name and claim what you want.


Whatever goodness we get from God, we get because of Jesus. And just like Jesus was acquainted with grief on this earth, so we will be too to varying degrees.  But it’s also because of Christ that our future is bright, so bright that it excludes all possibility of sorrow or grief. 


So when you are tempted to say “But as for me...” you must remember that the “me” has been joined to “him” so that our momentary light affliction will one day yield an “eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.” 


God is good. To all of his children. All the time.