Crowded Out

One of the blessings of marrying into Noel's family was the godly legacy that had been established for several generations leading up to Noel.  I got the chance to know Noel's Grandma and Grandpa Dickson quite well.  They invested in me personally, spent time with me, prayed for me, gave me books, lots of chocolate chip cookies, and made me feel like a welcome and important part of the family.  

Every Sunday at family dinner, we pray a family prayer that , if I understand the history correctly, Noel's Great Grandma Scott taught her daughter, Elinor (Noel's grandma), to pray and that we have now passed along to our children and grandchildren.  I don't know when and where it started.  But that's six generations at least who have prayed, "Lord, all that we have is of Thee. Accept our thanks and bless us, and teach us to do thy will. For Jesus's sake, Amen." 

Before she passed away, Noel's Grandma Dickson gave me some of her favorite devotional thoughts.  I'd like to share one with you today.  It's a poem called "Crowded Out."

My day was filled with many things,

Some that I cared a lot about,

For I had planned each moment full; 

But my Lord was crowded out.


I really meant to read His Word,

To pray with heart devout--

But things just crowded in until

My Lord was crowded out.


For things I wanted most to do

The time I found, without a doubt,

And somehow days were oft them same

My Lord was crowded out.


My heart grew sad without the Word,

The foe was hard to rout;

For He alone who's all in all

My heart had crowded out.


At last I've learned to plan 'round Him,

Though friends may plead and pout;

And days are doubly full and rich

Since He's not crowded out.

- Florence White Willett