Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

1 Peter 1:10-12


1.     Peter is focusing on our salvation.  From the first 12 verses of this book, what are the key terms that he uses to describe our salvation?

2.     In verses 10-12, how do you see each member of the Trinity involved in the work of salvation?

3.     This will take some preparation before your small group meets, but try to spend some time discussing these Old Testament prophecies surrounding the life and death of Christ and how OT prophets must have search them diligently.  Look carefully for elements of “suffering” and “glory.”

a.     Micah 5:2

b.     Number 22-25

c.      Genesis 49:10

d.     Luke 2:25ff

e.     Isaiah 53

f.      Matthew 13:17

g.     Discuss how astonishing it was for Daniel in Daniel 9:2-3 of that book to be able to read Jeremiah’s prophecy and come to know that the Babylonian captivity would be for 70 years.

4.     Using a concordance or search engine, try to find a passage for each element of salvation (justification, sanctification, glorification) in the NT that uses the term “salvation” or a related term (saved, saving, save, etc.)

5.     The OT prophets were deeply concerned about eschatology.  Do you think it is a legitimate application for us to be challenged to be more concerned about eschatology as well?

6.     Peter is encouraging his readers to thrive under pressure.  How would you advise somebody facing difficulty to deal with their struggles from this passage?