Thoughtful Action: Discussion from Sunday's Sermon

Peter, Peter: Pentecost Preacher

1 Peter 1:1


1.     What difference does it make to you that as we study 1 Peter, we are quite possibly studying the writings of the most influential person in the early church?

a.     In what ways was Peter prominent among the apostles according to the following passages:

         i.     Matthew 16:13-20 (Do you think Peter is the “rock” in this passage? If not, why not?)

         ii.     Galatians 1:18 – 2:14

b.     As apostle to the Jews, do you think Peter preached the Gospel any differently than Paul did?  Are there any passages in the book of 1 Peter that might indicate he did in…

           i.     …in his use of the OT?  Glancing through 1 Peter, do you notice more OT quotes than usual?

           ii.     …in his emphasis on handling suffering and persecution?

2.     What key role did Peter play in the church planting efforts of the New Testament?

a.     Acts 2

b.     Acts 8

c.      Acts 10

3.     It was important for Peter to clarify his strengths and weaknesses. 

a.     How does 2 Peter 3:14-18 indicate that Peter knew his limits?

b.     How does Peter’s description of himself as an “apostle” in v.1 help show that he knew what God had called him to do?

c.      How do 21st Century believers go through the process of clarifying their own particular ministries so that they can serve the Lord with the same confidence as Peter?

d.     What big lesson does the example of Peter’s use of the word teach us about our confidence in the Scriptures and the role they should play in our efforts at discipleship?